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S U M M E R   M I S S I O N   T R I P

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This summer, you have the opportunity to change lives!
We will be taking a team of students and adults to Nazlini, AZ, a Navajo community deep in the heart of the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Reservation is a place of majestic beauty and deep need. If you choose to join us this summer, it will be a week you will never forget.  You will leave a lasting mark on Nazlini, and Nazlini will leave a lasting mark on you!


DATES: Monday, June 24 - Monday July 1, 2024
TRANSPORTATION: We will fly from Atlanta to Albuquerque, New Mexico. From there, we will make a 3 hour drive by vans to Nazlini.
LOCATION: We will be staying at the location where we will be serving:  Nazlini Church of the Nazarene in the Nazlini community (just outside of Ganado, Arizona). Showers, bathrooms, kitchen, and air conditioning are provided.
MISSION PROJECTS: We will serve in two ways: (1) work projects and repairs on the church throughout the day, and (2) an afternoon VBS for the kids and teens in the community. Participants will have the opportunity to choose their project(s).
SIGHTSEEING: We will be visiting Monument Valley in Utah; Canyon de Chelly (Arizona); and the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest National Park (Arizona). 
COST: $700 per person (includes airfare, food, transportation, sightseeing, project supplies, housing).
FUNDRAISING: We will be aggressively fundraising throughout the spring and early summer for this trip, which will provide an opportunity to significantly offset the cost, depending on level of participation.