We are a multi-ethnic community committed to knowing God and living love.

There are some things that are common to all of us. We want to be loved,  to be known for who we truly are deep inside rather than the labels we've been given, and to belong anyway. We also want to live lives that make a difference in the world.

If you can relate, then Mosaic Church is the place for you.

O U R   P R A Y E R

May the beauty of God be reflected in our eyes,
the love of God be reflected in our hands,
the wisdom of God be reflected in our words,
and the knowledge of God flow from our hearts,
that everyone around us might see and believe.

Weekly Gathering Times

Mosaic Worship (English) | Sunday at 10 am
Culte de la Mosaïque (Français) | Les dimanches à 18 heures